Halloween theme 1


So this was one of the few looks that i did for Halloween and boy is this going to be a long blog/tutorial about it. lol I’ll go ahead and list the products then i’ll do the rest nail by nail. : D

So colours used: ‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fullerton, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, the 2true metalic orange sadly the shade number has scrubbed off : (, ‘312’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘Misty Jade’ by Rimmel, ‘Your Majesty’ by Rimmel ‘Ninja’ by Hot Looks, ‘Purple Reign’ by Rimmel, ‘Sunshine’ by Rimmel and ‘Bright Orange’ by Max Factor.

So i started as i always do with prepping my nails with nail rescue using it as a nail base coat. Especially with this as i have so many colours going on i need something to protect my nails.

Pinky Nail:

So for this nail i started with a base colour of White. I started with white as i thought black would stand out better on the white than white on the black. White on black might end up making it look darker and almost grey. I put down 3 coats of white and when it had dried i took a long thin brush and very carefully starting in the middle drew the first line diagonally across my nail, in black, I used Pattie for this as it comes with a long thin brush, then slowly going around and doing the other leaving even gaps between the others.

Ring Finger:

I started with painting the whole nail with one coat of the metalic orange colour by 2true, which if you’re in the UK is a superdrug brand. Then when i do the second coat i only do it about half way up the nail. I then take the golden colour from Miss Sporty and fill in the top half of the nail with i only put one coat on. It doesn’t matter too much about the line here the two colours meet as I’m going to be painting the cat over the top. So for the cat i took a very small brush i use a pil painting brush i bought from my local art store and used pattie for this as i find its slightly thinner than black out and better for sketching an outline. I started with where i wanted the arch of the back to be then from there i sketched out the tail and legs and finally doing the head. Once it was all dry i added the details with the same brush the eyes and mouth.

Middle Finger:

I started with the background colour, in this case it’s Misty Jade. And i used two coats of this. Then i took Pattie and with my tiny brush i started sketching and drawing out the sword and bottle. After  was happy with the way they looked i started filing them in using your majesty which is the silver colour, on the blade of the sword, and the gold on the hilt of the sword. And the ninja green in the bottle as the liquid.

Index Finger:

I filled in the background colour using purple reign from rimmel first. This colour comes out quite subtile and almost matt sometimes so it take about 3 coats to come up with a good colour. Once this was dry i start from one corner of my nail with lines going down from one point, I actually did this in white first then put in the silver over after so the silver wouldn’t take any of the purple colour into it. I wanted it to really stand out. I then went over then and drew the line running across them all and joining them up between. I tried to draw a line that dips between the lines. Once all of this was done i ran the white alone the top of the nail creating a tip to it. Then i went over all of this in silver. I then took the black and ran it round some of the edges just to make it seem like it had a shadow to it.


Ah the complicated one. This one took me a while to do and lots of waiting for parts to dry. So the first thing i did was to put the black down for the background colour. I really needed this to be a very dark black not streaky because i needed everything else to stand out. After this was dry i drew the moon on with white making a large circle in the middle of my nail, while it was still wet i went through it again only around the edges with the yellow and mixed it in. Now this has to try totally before anything can be done on top as it’s quite a thick layer of polish and i’ll dent easily or worse peel when you try to paint over it. The next thing was the hill, I sketched it in using the smallest brush i had then went through with white making small lines running through it, and quickly sketched a figure on the top. Next i took the white again and make the little picket fence that runs down the side and lastly the orange to make the pumpkins and a little bit of green to make the stalks on top.

I hope this helps for recreating this look, and have fun!


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