Pokemon, pikachu


Hey, a nice little theme for you. I used to watch Pokemon when I was in school back before the other ones came out.

Anyway, the colours I used for this are: ‘Sunshine’ by Rimmel, ‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fullerton, ‘White’ by BeautyUK and ‘136’ from Stargazer.

So, as always i prep with Nail Rescue, and then applied sunshine as the base colour on all of the nails apart from the ring finger. On that one i applied White. On the ring finger i has to use between 2 and 4 coats of white as i find it’s always streaky and never a good colour to use as a background, always hard to work with. I’ve found this with all the whites i’ve bought from all different brands.

Starting with the thumb i first drew the mouth outline on. I aimed for the centre of the nail and drew the ‘w’ shape at the top of the mouth first, then started down on a ‘v’ shape and rounded it at the bottom. Then i drew the eyes and tried to place them above the corners of the mouth, and finally the little upside-down triangle for the nose. For all of this I used Andrea Fullerton’s Pattie because of the very fine thin brush it comes with.

I then went about filling in the mouth with stargazer, and I added white to the eyes as accents and just under the eyes and slightly further apart I added his two red cheek dots.

I then moved onto the ring finger and started making the pokeball. I started with drawing a small circle in the middle of the nail. Then i drew a line going either side of it making a halfway point of the nail. Then i used the red and filled in the top half of the nail above the line.

And tah-Dah we’re all done!

I hope you find this useful and have fun recreating this look.


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