Doctor Who’s TARDIS


First of all, sorry for the messy photo, I took thing straight after I’d finished it while it was still wet and after this I started cleaning up the mess around the nails but before I could take another photo I actually smudged it, so this is the only photo of it i have : S

I’m a doctor who fan, so here is my tribute to the programme, the TARDIS. I searched for the perfect blue for quite a while. And through the research I did I actually found that the blue of the TARDIS had changed through the years, it used to be a dark blue and now it’s very bright in comparison.

So the colours I used to create this look are: ‘320’ from Miss Sporty, ‘Cobolt Blue’ by Barry M, ‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Azure’ by Rimmel and ‘Pattie’ from Andrea Fullerton.

After using Nail rescue as a base coat to prevents my nails from staining. I used 320 as the base colour. This colour is quite good so i only really needed one but i gave it two coats so i’d have a good base to work from.

The first nail i worked on was my little finger and the doctor who logo. I took the matt white and started sketching out the outline of the logo with a tiny art brush. Spotter from arte series. After i drew the ‘D’ and the ‘W’ i went back round with the background colour and refined the edges making sure the two letters weren’t touching and that the letters are defined. I then took Azure and starting at the bottom is started colouring in the bottom half and fading off as i got to about half way.

For the thumb i drew out a large square in matt white and filled it in , then edged it using pattie from andrea fullerton. The brush inside is a long thin brush which is great for long thin fine lines which is what i used it for to outline the white box. I then roughly added some times to imitate the writing that’s on the TARDIS door.

Now for the index, middle and ring fingers. For these fingers i thought i should put the top of the TARDIS on them. So i started with drawing out the box going along all three fingers using the darker blue shade of cobolt blue by Barry M. Once i was happy with the shape i went around them with Pattie and edged them in black. Once i had done this i took the time to go with a fine paint brush in matt white and wrote Police Box Across the three nails. And finally with the space bellow i drew on the outline of where the doors would be and the windows that go either side of the doors.

And there you go, my TARDIS nails. I hope you all enjoy.

I hope you have fun recreating this look.


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