water marbling


So, water marbling is a technique I came across one day when looking around tumblr, and after a tiny bit more searching I found a video tutorial on it. I will be making my own one soon, my editing software is acting up right now but when I do I’ll post it here and show you how to do it.

The hardest part of water marbling I found was finding the right nail polishes to use. Some work better than others, some produce better colours, some just sink, some disperse totally into the water. And it’s not even as if it’s a brand it’s just random ones from each brand, so I guess it must be something in the mix.

There are loads of ways to do this, but personally I recommend you keep trying and figure out what works for you best.

Although I don’t want to do a detailed explanation now I will try and do a quick one and outline what you’ll need.

First of all you’ll need a little pot you can get nail varnish all over and not be bothered by, I use a yogurt pot. Then you’ll need toothpicks, nail varnish remover, nail varnishes, various colours and brands, and cotton pads.

Some people say warm water some say filtered water to me it makes no difference you’ll just need some water in the pot. Enough to cover to about the first joint in your finger. Again other tutorials will say differently. Then start dripping your nail polish into the water. Aim for the centre and it’s best if your water has been still for a while and isn’t moving around. Then aim all the other drops inside this drop. Add as many or just 2 colours if you want and as many times as you want. Take a tooth pick and start moving the polish around. I found that sometimes all the varnish would stick to the toothpick and come out. If this just happens and you’ll have to start again. Drag from the centre out to start with and when you get the hang of this start trying other patterns.

Once your happy with this, place your nail into the patterns and keep pushing through till your finger is in the water if you try and take your finger out there I’d a chance the remaining nail varnish on the top of the water will double coat the nail and that’s not the look were going for. So collect it on a toothpick. then take your finger out. Clean the water before you start with the next nail by running a toothpick through it you’ll find a thin film comes off if there is anything left.

wait till its all dry for clean up. go round with a cotton bud around the nail bit just cotton pads around the test of the ginger. some tutorials will tell you that oil will prevent it from sticking in the first place but again each to their own and tahdah! marbling!!!

seal with a top coat and you’re done!!

I’ll do a video for this as its complicated to get right. but till then. I hope this helps


2 thoughts on “water marbling

    • The first time I did it I had to re-do each nail about 3 times. I only ended up doing one hand because it took so long. But try again! Ideally on a day when you have a lot of time free : D

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