Two tone tipped bows


I made this look as I wanted something bright but of course it could be done with more muted colours or just the now on a pink tone.

For this look I used: ‘Azure’ by Rimmel, ‘Shocker’ by Rimmel, and ‘White’ by BeautyUK. As a little extra treat I added rhinestone in the centre of the bows.

So I started, as normal with the nail rescue as a base coat. Then I started with the azure and shocker on alternate nails. After I got a good base coat I added the pinks in the other colour contrasting to the colour on the nail already. Thankfully I chose quite thick colours so they still showed up well onto of the previous colour. Other colours might not up as well of the one underneath is too dark, If this is the case you’ll have to make sure you leave the tip unpainted.

Try and get the line between them really neat and follow the line of where you would put a tip of you were doing a French manicure.

Once it’s all dry, take a small brush. I use an oil paint brush I bought from my local art shop, It’s the spotter from the pro arts series and with this I painted the white dotted line where the two colours meet so it looks like a woven ribbon and on one side I drew a bow.

Finally I added a rhinestone in the centre if the bow. The rhinestone has to be placed in when your nails varnish is still slightly wet. you could put a dab of topcoat down to help secure it. Then seal it all in with a top coat of your choice and your done!

Hope you have fun recreating this look.


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