This is a fun, silly little look I did one day when I was watching tv.

Do if you’re in a funny mood or want to make people giggle when they see your nails give this a try!

So for this look I used: ‘Go go’ by 17, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘White’ by BeautyUK and ‘Black Out’ by Rimmel.

I started out, as always using nail rescue from Rimmel as a base coat for my nails. Then I proceeded to use go go as the base colour. And to get a nice good solid colour to work on.

The next step is to dot on the eyes. To do this I used a cotton bud, of course lots of people prefer dotting tool but in this case that’s what I had to hand. so I used the black out by Rimmel to dot the two eyes. I did then about half way down and quite wide apart.

Then I took Bright orange and with the cotton bud I squashed it flat and used it to make a small v shape beak that I put mid way between the eyes but slightly lower down.

Finally, just for a bit of detail, I added white highlights in the ducks eyes.

And there we are! duckie nails!

I hope you found this useful and have fun recreating this look for yourself.


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