Skull and crossbones nail tattoos


This is a look I tried out when I was in the shops looking for more nail supplies and came across Andrea Fullerton nail tattoos. So I bought them thinking I’d find a way to use them and this is what I created in the end.

For this look I used ‘Purple Addict’ by Rimmel and the nail tattoos by Andrea Fullerton.

I started, as always, with a base coat of nail rescue from Rimmel to prepare my nails and stop them from staining. Then I painted them in 2 or 3 coats of purple addict. I used more coats than I normally would as I wanted a smooth surface to put the stickers on but I also wanted a dark deep purple background.

Once the polish was truly dry, I started placing the stickers down. I found if you are not careful enough, the stickers as you try to peel them off with stick to themselves and are impossible to undo. it also takes very little to make them do this. On the pack it suggests a toothpick but I found this was little help. just bring careful did the trick for me.

I spaced the stickers out and rotated them so they were facing all different directions. The number on each nail just depended on how large the nail is.

When you’re happy with how it all looks, put a top coat of your choice over the stop to seal it all on and stop the stickers from coming off and to prevent chipping.

I hope you found this useful and have fun trying this look out.


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