McLaren F1 nails


I’m a big F1 fan and I support the home team, McLaren. So I thought I’d come up with a design for race Sunday’s to support they guys.

The hardest part of this look I found personally, was finding the perfect rocket red, which is the colour the team wear when they win.

I actually got the idea for this look from the 2011 team baseball hats. So I took a part of it and customised it to my nails.

So, for this look I used ‘Black out’ from Rimmel, ‘Caribbean coral’ from 17 and ‘Your Majesty’ from Rimmel.

first of all, and as always I started with a base coat of nail rescue from Rimmel to protect my nails from staining and to give them a boost. Then I started with a base coat of Caribbean Coral from 17. In order to get a solid colour with no streaks I actually had to put on 3 layers and the second two were thick layers, it just kept streaking. Since it ended up being so thick I also have to leave it to dry for a while before I can do the next bit.

Once it had finally dried I added the black across the tip. I chose to do this in almost a diagonal curve from one edge down. I could have used a small brush for the outline but I just didn’t feel it was needed and the normal brush when used right could produce the right look.

The final step was to paint a fine line of silver tracing the edge of the two colours. For this I had to use a very thin brush even though I wanted it thick ish it was thinner than the brush in the bottle. so I used a oil paint brush I bought for my nails.

Then seal with a top coat of your choice. the top coat really does make the difference between how long it stays and when it starts to chip.

Hope you found this useful and have fun creating the look.


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