Bees flying.

Flying bee nails

A simple little theme for any time.

For this look I used alternate ‘misty jade’ by rimmel and ‘heartbeat’ by 17 as the background colours.

Then on top I used ‘patties’ by Andrea Fullerton for the details and the lines and the bee itself, I mainly use this one as it has a very thin fine brush inside, the yellow accents are in ‘sunshine’ by rimmel.

it’s a very simple quick little look that can be done in an hour or two.

first of all prepare your nails. I use nail rescue by Rimmel, as a base coat. then I applied two coats of each colour on alternate nails. one coat could be enough but I really wanted a smooth base layer.

Once this dries I started with putting the flight path in dashes down on all of the other nails. In some I put the dashes in a loop and some in waves just so the nails didn’t look uniform.

Finally I drew the bee, I started with a simple oval shape just under half way down the nail do I could leave room for the wings. I also flicked out a stinger at the back. I then drew in the stripes making sure I kept it cute and simple so I didn’t add too many stripes. I then drew the wings. all using the thin brush in the Andrea fullerton pattie.

Finally I added in the bees eye with a very careful for and filled in the empty spaces between the stripes with yellow.

all sealed in with a top coat of your choice.

I hope you find this useful and have fun trying the idea out!


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